Couple of News After My Knee Surgery!

It is Saturday afternoon and i am the sofa chilling out! It is a privilege to be healthy and be able to do things u L.O.V.E!!! Other than this…time goes fast, actually very fast. 29th of Oct i will be 4weeks since my knee surgery. My daily schedule it is pretty full every day and i am pleasant every evening to see and feel the improvements! Every weekend i am trying to do other things with kids friends and sharing things with my funs!
I do it from my heart…not everyone can be happy but i wanna give as much as i can to ALL OF U!
Tomorrow Sunday 25th of Oct i will go to an Event in Vouliagmeni’s Tennis Club! On Monday back to regular schedule. I am excited every single week with a lot of things and i hope to be healthy and strong again soon to play tournaments! I miss it :) I wish u all the best! Love, E.D

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