Popcorn match coming up…

Dear fans, in the last few days I have been playing some good tennis!!

i am very happy to find my pace again. i had many weeks in the row strange results..I was practicing quite well but matches are very different and the results were not the ones that I was looking for…it was very hard mentally but I knew, somehow it’s gonna turn. the support of my people and of all my fans was amazing and I really wanna thank you all!! today my singles match was a thriller…for sure one of the toughest of my career. Vania is a great player, a very tough opponent and very talented player.

i had to be patience and fight until the end…and I did it until the last point!! i was playing completely my tennis at the beginning of the match, mixing my game perfectly, I had very few unforced errors too so it really helped me to go up at the score! at 6-3 1-1 we got suspended because of the rain. we went off the court for about 15-20 min. when we walked back, the match turned completely…she started serving, I had 2-3 break points and one of those was an easy volley. after this..again we had 2 close games that I lost both..in the end I lost the set 6-2.I was a bit frustrating at the start of the 3rd set,Vania was not missing much either so didn’t help. 3rd set 3-1 down I start to have cramps at my left quadricep, I had to call the physio for a medical. during the next couple of games I was shaky with all my body, I was feeling dizzy, i had fever and of course doctors were also on court at the change overs. at 5-5 she took a medical time out. we were both fighting with our body’s, that’s for sure-:)

the fighting spirit was amazing..suddenly the court was almost packed..the crowd was amazing towards both of us!! so nice..really no words. i managed to win the tie break even by losing the first match point!!!!! what a feeling to finish this kind of matches with a huge serve?? relief and full of happiness. Next round will be tomorrow night at 7pm vs a great Champion…Serena! i have a lot of respect and she is at her best form ever! but..on the other hand I have nothing to lose and nothing to prove. i will enjoy for sure the moment as it is the ones that we look for…I will try to recover until then and give my best! take care and I wish you a nice day! your eleni

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  1. Nick L

    Good luck. Hope you feel better.

  2. alexander

    eleni, bravo sas!!!! i´m impressed…cincinnati seems to be a lucky place for you. go on! greetings from germany

  3. Alexandros

    Bravo bravo bravooo!!!! Xarhka para poly pou kataferate mazi me thn Shuai Peng na vgalete to numero 1 tou kosmou!!! Mpravo!!! Kai pai3ate poly kala enantiwn thn Serena Williams! Elpizw na pai3ete pali me thn Shuai Peng sto US Open!!

  4. Dorien

    Great tournament, Eleni! I saw you of Peng had to retire in doubles. I hope you are ok.
    Good luck for the next couple of weeks!

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