A Great Start In The Tournament!

1st round done!! It’s always the toughest one as there is everything new..but at least I knew her!! We played vs each other few months ago, sometimes it’s positive to know your opponent, you know what to expect. Coco is a tough player to play, she is hitting big and she is serving quite good too but she is not moving the best. So, of course I had to move good as the rallies are not big with this kind of players. At the first set she was serving really good!! I lost a few games without winning one point, was tough for the mind and I had way more pressure on my service games, lost it 6-3. Second set I was playing a bit more aggressive and serving better, more first serves too, won it 6-3. Third set didn’t start with the best way..as I got the break early. To be down 2-0 was tough for the nerves. I won 6 games in a row with some good rallies!! Sooooo happy to have a finish like this and win the match 6-2 in the third. After I had a bit of streching, shower and some lunch on site. And the best..a bit of massage!!! Can’t wait to play tomorrow the last round of qualis vs a player that is on a good run at the moment. Let’s see!!!!!

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