A Loss And A Doping Test

Hi, i lost today vs Daniela 6-4 6-2. I mean she is a good player with a lot of experience and she saw it on court today, no doubt about this. I knew it’s gonna be a tough one for me as we played in the past but still I had my chances…didn’t use them, a bit unlucky in the end of the first set but that’s it…sometimes goes your way and sometimes not. In the second set she was playing much better tennis and I lost my focus after a long 2nd game, I couldn’t keep it up…she deserves to win, that’s for sure!! straight after the match I had to do a doping test. so as always it took a couple of hours until I was done. I kept drinking but?? I did it after more than 2 hours. Tomorrow I will have the doubles, it’s gonna be another long day as we will be playing 4th match after 12.30. hope u all enjoyed your weekend!

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