A Really Good Day!!

Quarters…another big day today with 2 victories!! singles and doubles!! feels right..feels too good. I didn’t play my best today but?? I was fighting really good and this gives me even a better feeling to enjoy my evening. she was very tough on court (Doi), very good competitor so she really pushed me. First set I had a lot of chances to close it by 2 times serving for the set. but she was returning really good and this didn’t help, plus I had 2 times a net roll against me. in the tie break I went quite fast 6-2 up and then?? every point was long and tough, 6-5 and I could make it to 7-5 with an error from her. 2nd set?? oh my god..she did not miss anything, until 1-3. So to be down 1-3 and with a stable player like her it’s not easy. Thank god I could read her serve so it was not so tough to break her. i broke her at 2-3 and after it was my turn to be in the zone, with only 2 mistakes until 5-3 up. I was playing some great tennis! and I won the second set 6-4. as we had to play the doubles I didn’t have much time again in between. in 1h I had to be back on court, i had fast shower and streching and back at the physios to fix my blisters. small bite of food and walked on court again. My partner played really good today so I just had to be solid and I did it perfect. the other girls were not bad at all, they were from here so of course they didn’t have anything to lose and they were hitting the ball like crazy. some funny points, couldn’t even see the ball sometimes. we came out of the court by 6pm, had some food finally and a bit of massage just to be ready for tmw! one match in my schedule tmw, 2nd after 11am on center. Vs a big fighter! we played each other this year on clay, I have nothing to lose. I need to play my game and stay aggressive and focused! I hope i am back to all of u with a big smile tmw!

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