After Ioannina!

Hello from home in Athens! Few remarks from Ioannina! I will make it short as i must go to bed,it is late already. Ioannina is one of the most beautiful parts in Greece. I love the city,the people and of course the desserts hahahaha. I have been there after my last knee surgery for a weekend to relax! But now it was even nicer as it was for our tennis event! We had for a first time kids&adults and a special guest ”Giorgo Lazaridis”. I am speechless for this guy…he is amazing strong and he has an amazing ”harma”inside of him. We had a lot of fun off and on court. The weather didn’t help us but of course we found a solution with the indoor courts! People…kids…music…presents…small exhibitions! Tears…smiles…feelings all over! I am the most happy person when i see others happy! Gives me a lot strength to keep enjoying and do what i love the most! Now we are back in athens and the schedule continues…works out, fitness, enjoying home a bit and getting ready for the next weeks! We will have some more news in the upcoming days-weeks! Take care everybody and wish u all the best!

Aristotelous Square…

Πλατεία Αριστοτέλους:16.09.2016.

Street Tennis.

Αποτιμώντας πλέον ως γλυκιά ανάμνηση την εκδήλωση που πραγματοποιήθηκε στην Θεσσαλονίκη,θα ήθελα από καρδιάς να πώ ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ στον Δήμο Θεσσαλονίκης,στα Μ.Μ.Ε,στην Πολιτική Προστασία,στους συντελεστές,τους χορηγούς αλλά και τους υποστηρικτές που πίστεψαν και αγάπησαν αυτό το εγχείρημα,του οποίου την αποκλειστικότητα είχαν οι μικροί μας ήρωες!

Συντελεστές:Καραγιάννη Όλγα,Αυγερινός Γιάννης,Βουρούκος Κώστας,Μποβόλης Μάριος,Θωμαίδου Άννα,Φιλιππούρη Βίκυ,Κώλια Μαργαρίτα,Νταλαμάγκα Βάσω,Βασιλειάδου Κωνσταντίνα,Μπουμπάκη Σοφία,Βασιλειάδης Κώστας,Καρανίκας Μπάμπης,Αρβανιτίδης Παντελής,Κάκαλος Γιώργος,Ιωαννίδης Γιάννης.

Χορηγοί:Wilson,Bίκος-Φυσικό Μεταλλικό νερό,MLS(Making Life Simple),Γεράκης,Bfreshspitiko.

Χορηγός Επικοινωνίας:Παρασκήνιο

Υποστηρικτές:Avant Garde Tennis Club,Πρότυπα Εκπαιδευτήρια Θεσσαλονίκης.
Μ.Μ.Ε:Παρασκήνιο,ΕΡΤ3,TV100,OTENET,NOVA,(Εφημερίδες και Ραδιόφωνα).

Thessaloniki Aristotelous Square!!

Thessaloniki Aristotelous Square…It is All About! I am extremely happy to be there, coorporation with Municipality of Thessaloniki to do such an event for the first time! Be there…Enjoy the mini-tennis, enjoy the music, the atmosphere, get some presents and autographs from me and our Sponsors! Me…with Olga Karagianni and our team will be waiting for you! Come, and let’s have some Fun! Friday 16th of September at 18.30 to 20.30! Until then…i will be in touch with you for all our interviews thru the TV and Radio stations! love, E.D

Great Video

Hello guys i had a great time and i want to share it with you.

Another one is coming…

After Fed Cup…

Hello! I am back home after Fed Cup. A bit frustrating as we did’t move up but life goes on and move forward. I am happy and healthy to continue my tournaments! I am leaving Next Saturday to Turkey to participate in 3 tournaments all 10.000$. In the first two i will play Singles+Doubles to get matches! In the last one will play only Singles! I like to play is very comfortable for the players and quiet place. In the next days i will post some new fotos from my last foto shooting that i did for ”HONOR”. Stay in touch…take care!

New Year Ahead…

In couple of hours is a new year! Honestly i can’t wait to move on and start over again.2015 was not so easy again…i was not able to play as much as i wanted,i had another surgery.I did start well and in the middle of the year all this happened.Since couple of weeks things are going well!!!As i was here for a long time,i had the chance to be connected again with my funs & kids & friends and of course with my family!It was an honor to be part of some Tv’s shows as well something that i didn’t do so often before.At the same time…i change my rackets,strings,my new hitting partner and??i have a new Sponsor…The HONOR jewelry’s.I am always wearing things in my hands or neck so this brand is totally ME!!!The last New thing…is that i change my clothes company too.”BONES ORIGINAL” is part of my TEAM!!!Really Excited for all these!!!Body wise…i feel pretty good,more comfortable on court and i am looking forward to play my first tournament after a while at 25th of January 2016 in Antalya! I wish you all the “BEST FOR 2016” and “ALL YOUR WISHES TO COME TRUE”! Take care!

Monday 23rd of November

Hello to all my fans!First of all i would like to thank u for your amazing support thru this 2 months!As a fan of tennis and a fan of me for sure u would like to know how is my “day routine”!I am playing every day tennis,thank God the weather is still nice!Swimming is part of my schedule too&bike&gym workouts&Trx too!I am happy to spend some time with my family,even if sometimes are going in my nerves:)Some walks and of course my coffees around the city!Last weekend i have spend a bit of time with some kids…it is lovely to feel the repsect and see them happy on court!Whatttttt is next???Who knows???Stay tuned,stay in touch with me and???Be patience:)Many thanks again for following and your love!

Couple of News After My Knee Surgery!

It is Saturday afternoon and i am the sofa chilling out! It is a privilege to be healthy and be able to do things u L.O.V.E!!! Other than this…time goes fast, actually very fast. 29th of Oct i will be 4weeks since my knee surgery. My daily schedule it is pretty full every day and i am pleasant every evening to see and feel the improvements! Every weekend i am trying to do other things with kids friends and sharing things with my funs!
I do it from my heart…not everyone can be happy but i wanna give as much as i can to ALL OF U!
Tomorrow Sunday 25th of Oct i will go to an Event in Vouliagmeni’s Tennis Club! On Monday back to regular schedule. I am excited every single week with a lot of things and i hope to be healthy and strong again soon to play tournaments! I miss it :) I wish u all the best! Love, E.D


Still going on with Grass tournament! One more is about to come…in Ilkley (U.K). I am leaving on Friday and the first match is on Sunday. I hope of a GOOD WEATHER:) I feel very comfortable on court and can’t wait to step out again. This few days off always give me a refreshment body and mental strength to keep going! Probably i will play doubles too!

I have a small surprise for all of u my fans…as i would like to share straight with you, i can not keep into my self. SO….in couple of days it would be possible for you to get my own autograph signed in two different pictures!
Please, a little bit of more patience and it’s gonna be on line!


21May 2015!