Doubles Title :)

Hello!! i didn’t update you for a couple of weeks. A few things have changed…starting with coaching..I am working with a new coach, started in Paris(RG). He has been an ex ATP player, his name is Benjamin Cassaigne! we have a trial period until the Olympics and we will decide after this about the future. we are getting well together on and off court! we are working in different stuff so I am just looking forward for the next couple of weeks!

first week on grass is done!!!!! that was in Nottingham…funny somehow that this year was totally the opposite results. losing first round in singles vs a tough opponent especially on grass (Kristina Pliskova) but winning this time the doubles event with one of the nicest players on tour…Casey!!! we didn’t play on grass as much as we wished accept my singles, our first doubles and?? by luck yesterday…our doubles final!!! all the other matches were on hard court, indoors. the weather was very bad every single day but we made the best out of it…it was a tough week, mentally. we had a day that we were practicing on 3 different surfaces…so just imagine…anyways…to win a tournament means a lot!!

we are already in Birmingham, we drove straight after our final. easy going, only one hour by car, just perfect. i had a little bit of treatment and we decided to go to the cinemas. it was not a good idea to watch this movie…Men in black. i didn’t like it! we had an easy dinner, Indian food…what else in England??! great day anyways! new tournament starts in one day and i am playing my first round vs Foretz, from France. we know each other pretty well, doubles this week with Misa!

I hope for nice weather…take care guys and we keep in touch…your eleni

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