New Year Ahead…

In couple of hours is a new year! Honestly i can’t wait to move on and start over again.2015 was not so easy again…i was not able to play as much as i wanted,i had another surgery.I did start well and in the middle of the year all this happened.Since couple of weeks things are going well!!!As i was here for a long time,i had the chance to be connected again with my funs & kids & friends and of course with my family!It was an honor to be part of some Tv’s shows as well something that i didn’t do so often before.At the same time…i change my rackets,strings,my new hitting partner and??i have a new Sponsor…The HONOR jewelry’s.I am always wearing things in my hands or neck so this brand is totally ME!!!The last New thing…is that i change my clothes company too.”BONES ORIGINAL” is part of my TEAM!!!Really Excited for all these!!!Body wise…i feel pretty good,more comfortable on court and i am looking forward to play my first tournament after a while at 25th of January 2016 in Antalya! I wish you all the “BEST FOR 2016” and “ALL YOUR WISHES TO COME TRUE”! Take care!

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