WTA Beijing (China)

Hi everyone, from Beijing this time..hahahahahaha crazy life but too good somehow! Can’t complain as far as I am healthy! We lost our doubles with Eva on Friday in a very close match. this tie break is a lottery but we could win the first set already. we had so many chances but as I am very realistic I didn’t play good. Of course was sad to lose it from our hands but we tried our best. it was not meant to be…maybe for a reason…I was sick this week and very empty as I couldn’t eat regular, I got the time to rest a bit until I had my flight here! Saturday and Sunday had days off and a lot of fun too! Across the hotel was the famous “Lotte Park”, one of the big attractions in Seoul. as we were all out of the tournament we arranged to do it finally…with the Spanish girls! We had soooooo much fun!!!!! Roller coasters are not my favorites…but with all this energy that the girls had, impossible not to do it. I was sooooo chicken u can’t even imagine. I was sweating..was just closing my eyes..and I was taking big breath just to calm down.helped a bit!!!! And the worst?? They decide to start with the toughest one..to jumb from 50meters, at least was a very nice view from up there!!we spent 2-3 hours at the park,we even went 2 times of course to which one?? the scary roller coaster that was going full speed!!!!!! Sunday thank god was a bit more calm. I went to a spa to relax a bit and watched a movie, ending up with a calm dinner at the mall next to the hotel. From today, back at the courts and the gym as I have to get ready again for my first match that will be on Friday! Hope u all had a greet weekend and I wish a great upcoming week too!

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