WTA Seoul (Korea)

Updates from Seoul!! I have won this tournament a couple of years before, great memories here so of course I am happy to be back and give my best!! I arrived here from Taskhent quite late because of our doubles there and on the top?? there were no flights to here so the fastest way was to fly on Sunday and arrive here Monday morning. Flight was ok, i couldn’t sleep much, had breakfast and went to bed for a couple of hours, I was feeling very strange with the stomach, not so much energy so straight I saw the doctor and got some medicine. I had a light hit for an hour with a hitting partner and?? was my birthday!!!!!!!! getting older..but somehow feels good and right!!!!!!! I had a very nice dinner with a couple of friends here, of course not alcohol accept a mix of some juices but a small dessert!!!! Yesterday I was playing my first round singles vs a local one. Still before the match I was not feeling good, I knew it’s gonna be tough doesn’t matter who was across..I did lose the first set 6-4, I called the doctor  because I was feeling worst and worst. Honest..I was thinking to retire…I was suffering. I went quite fast up at the score so it pushed me to keep trying. I won the 2nd set 6-3, 4-1 up in the third and I had a point for 5-1 but I missed it. All the match changed from this moment. 4-4 very fast and the nerves were totally there, I got so tight that I was pushing the ball completely. I was serving at 5-4 up and I got broken by playing a very bad game. 6-5 up and serving again..for the match! This time  was the end of it! 7-5 with me…but with a few tears as I was too empty. A win is a win and today another victory with the doubles 6-3 3-6 10-6. I hope I feel better tomorrow as a tough singles match is waiting..have a great day!

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