Tashkent here we go!

Hello guys! how are you? i hope all of you are well…I am ok too…long year…a tough one so far mentally and tennis wise…but thank god I am healthy and at least I can still try to finish it good! the summer tournaments were good…always can be better as the most of us are perfectionists and we want always more and more but I got some good wins, played some good tennis!!! one of my news is that since Washington I am without coach again. Didn’t work out well with Benjamin…I am still trying to find the one…for me!! So I will have another trial period with Cristian Kordasz, I am looking forward to start here in Tashkent with him!! i had a couple of days at home after us open, jet lag was terrible this time plus on top i was busy…so just imagine…I arrived yesterday here in Tashkent and had my first practice. Great memories from last year!! by winning the Doubles tittle with Vitalia!! the singles draw came out and my first opponent is Kataryna again. we played a few weeks ago against each other, she is a tough one but we know each other. its gonna be a big battle! Doubles this week with Eva Birnerova!! i am off to the site for some practice sessions, I wish you the best!!!! hope u enjoyed the weekend, ciaooooo! eleni

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