No Happy End In Round 2…

Not much to say…just a few words are coming…thanks for coming out today to support me!! It is just bad luck that i woke up this morning with a bad neck pain. I saw the physios before the match for quite a long time but it was not enough to be ready. They tried everything!! It was the joint, the same like in Sydney. Very very down at the moment to finish the first grand slam in this way. Tmw i know is a new day and i hope i will feel a bit better and give it a try for my doubles with Alex (Panova). Have a good night!

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  1. Leo Kiafoulis

    Den Peerazei !!! You are still our favorite Elenitsa !!!

  2. spiros

    No need to worry….stay healthy and everything will come!

  3. Lewis Pounentis

    Bad luck Eleni. After a good first round win, was expecting to give Georges a bit of a shake….never mind.

    To the next tournament now…..good luck!!

  4. Andreas

    Will you play Fed Cup? Anna and Eirini won’t play so we need you!!!!! Good luck!

  5. tom danielidis

    hope all goes well for you…hang in there,maybe with a little rest and can try thr doubles.

    all the best from you cousin in canada…yes we are cousins..even though we never met.

    god bless!!!! tom spider817

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