1st Round Win :)

2 hours match..under tough conditions..so humid, not easy to play but somehow I was able to go through to the 2nd round!! I started the match very good, served pretty good through all the set! i was getting some cheap points on my games. at the beginning of the 2nd set I dropped my serve percentage, did 1-2 double faults, the first 3 games were very close, i was back at the score all the time…I did change my tactic and that was not a good idea, I got more tight too, i lost a bit my energy on top so with all this..tough to win the set. 3rd set it was a different story again. served better, I was going for my shots and I was totally fighting until the end with good vibes! i knew what to expect…Vera is a great fighter…she knows the game well and she has experience…so I am very glad to go through this one. I was coming with almost zero confidence into this match…as my strike was pretty bad…losing 12-13 times first rounds in singles. I was supposed to play doubles today but my doubles partner got injured at her singles match. we had to withdraw already yesterday. maybe it was meant to be this way…to focus more on singles!! I wish her a fast recovery of course and as I say always…health is the most important!! my next match is on Wed. i will have an easy day today…to recover and be ready for the next one. fingers crossed & thank u so much for your support! it was awesome! your eleni

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  1. Mike

    Yassou Eleni,
    I didn’t know you were playing this week so it was a nice surprise to check your website today and see you had a victory – that must feel good after the past couple of months. Keep going and bravo sou!

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