3rd WTA Doubles Title :)

3rd title in doubles..gives me a push,gives me energy and of course happiness!!to win a tournament it’s never easy,especially the day after my lost in singles,was tough to put everything together again for the doubles.in finals??everything and anything it’s possible..but the experienced was the key today!!the girls were playing good tennis and they had a great week here but the nerves are different at the finals especially when it’s your first one..we won 6-4 6-2,a solid match!!it was our first time with Vit and I really enjoyed!!it was her first title in her carrier and of course it’s very special for her. Tough by playing 4th finals and couldn’t make it but today was the day!!!!i am extremely happy for her and i wish her many more!!!i am flying out tomorrow to Seoul,I am playing singles and doubles there,any other tough week it’s coming up!!I have great memories there by winning the singles title so I am just looking forward to step out,can’t wait to arrive..have a great week weekend,enjoy ittttt!!!!!

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