After Ioannina!

Hello from home in Athens! Few remarks from Ioannina! I will make it short as i must go to bed,it is late already. Ioannina is one of the most beautiful parts in Greece. I love the city,the people and of course the desserts hahahaha. I have been there after my last knee surgery for a weekend to relax! But now it was even nicer as it was for our tennis event! We had for a first time kids&adults and a special guest ”Giorgo Lazaridis”. I am speechless for this guy…he is amazing strong and he has an amazing ”harma”inside of him. We had a lot of fun off and on court. The weather didn’t help us but of course we found a solution with the indoor courts! People…kids…music…presents…small exhibitions! Tears…smiles…feelings all over! I am the most happy person when i see others happy! Gives me a lot strength to keep enjoying and do what i love the most! Now we are back in athens and the schedule continues…works out, fitness, enjoying home a bit and getting ready for the next weeks! We will have some more news in the upcoming days-weeks! Take care everybody and wish u all the best!

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