End Of Season


Finished the year…with reaching the goals…it’s a great feeling!!! I had a tough year as the most of the players, long one, with a lot of traveling, a lot of matches, a lot of new experiences and of course with a few lessons…the first goal was to finish the year healthy and the other one to finish in the top 100 ranking. of course I know that I lost a couple of matches I shouldn’t lose but for everything must be a reason…I am extremely happy that I reached my goals and I am just looking forward to have my holidays!! i was very tired in luxembourg that’s why i took the decision not to risk anything by playing the itf event in Poitier. My body was at the limits and forced me to make the withdrawal .holidaysssssss…They didn’t start the best way. I had difficulties to arrive in greece, we lost the doubles with Anna-Lena on Tuesday evening, I wanted of course to fly next day but all the airports in greece were closed. They were striking, I had to wait one more day in Lux! the next flight was scheduled for Thursday morning and again problems, just this time with the plane. they had a technical problem,then of course I lost my connection flight and I was stuck for 7h in Zurich. i was the most of the hours at the lounge, a lot of internet hours and relaxing at the phone and with my ipad!! But the most important is that I arrived at home!! tired…bed time!! Friday is waiting and of course the weekend, maybe with a concert in my schedule, let’s see…all the best to all of you, I really appreciate your support thru all the year and I will be back to you soon!! Many warm greetings, your Eleni.

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