First Win In The New Season

Hi guys! Hi 5 from Brisbane! with a Victory! i won my first round of qualis vs Pivovarova. of course was not a good match, a lot of ups and downs but it’s very normal after the break that we had. I won it and this is too important at the moment, need matches, need time on court and to have another chance tomorrow…is the best!!! I hope u had a great Christmas and I wish u all the best!! Eleni

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  1. jennifer

    Hi Eleni,
    Just to say I was here for your first match against Pivovarova and I think you haven t played bad, yes they were bits of ups and downs and I think you did very well in some of the points.I could see you were tired but you tried as much as you could and I actually loved your match.I couldn t get off my seat.
    I congratulated you at the end, clapping .. you looked at me twice to say kind of thank you. I was proud of you.Hope you will have some excellent matches this year, all the best and hope to see you back in Brissie next year

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