Getting Ready!

The first Grand Slam starts in a couple of hours..and one of the best ones too!! So happy to be one more year a part of it and this time in the main draw. i had a few days here in Melbourne, every day pasted amazing fast..actually too fast!! Can’t believe that soon i will be playing my first round. I got to play Kimiko (Date). She is one of the oldest and fittest player of the tour, a lot of experience too!! We never played against each other, we did practice a few times in Asia last year. She is tough to play, she is playing very flat and very close to the lines. Somehow it is great to play vagainst her as she is also one of the nicest players on tour!!! Probably the match will be on tv, press your thumbs for me. I will have early dinner of course and fast to bed! have a great evening or day, depends of your time changes, Take care all of you! Eleni!

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  1. Mike

    yassou eleni. good luck in your match against date on Monday. play your game, you will do it. Pame!

  2. Alexander

    great, you reached round 2…go on, eleni!

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