Hi to all of you from Monterrey…

I am still in Mexico as you probably know..It is my last tournament before i hit home, i am so excited to return to Europe, it was a long trip again. So far has been a great week here in Monterrey, having a lot of fun with the people here and the BEST is that i have one of the nicest persons next to me…my friend and manager John Morris. He is helping me out this week as i am without a coach at the moment. I lost my singles vs Voskoboeva in three sets, we played each other in Miami that was just 2 weeks ago. Funny…sometimes you don’t play players since years and years and now at my last two tournaments i played vs the same one and both times i lost. It was not easy mentally but i am very happy with the way i fought!! One player had to lose and it was me. She played better at the last 2-3 games of the match. Following day?? It was a day with no doubles. I had a good practice with a sparring of the tournament, a massage as my body needed it and watched some matches!
My doubles partner Coco Vandeweghe was playing her singles match, i was there to support her! Such a good fight..vs Bartoli! We decided to go all together for dinner…and what else here in Mexico?? Of course to a Mexican Restaurant. I never had so much tortillas and guacamole in all my life:)))) Just too good here!!!! It was a lot of fun:))))
Today we had our doubles. We won in super tie break!! That was scary..:) We lost 4 decision points at the first set and in 3 of those i made an easy mistakes. It was so tough to sit at the changeover and see the score board 4-6. I have to give all the credit to my partner for helping me out with her attitude!!! So nice to have a positive partner:) We managed to play a great tie break in the end and felt a bit of a relief with this victory!! I lost a couple of close matches the last few weeks and it is not easy mentally…but i am here to fight until the end and i will keep giving my best! Tomorrow is a new day, with the doubles match on my schedule! Looking so forward to rock with Coco after her singles:) Long day ached…but with a good energy! Off to bed for now…stay in touch…and?? i am a new Facebook fan!!!!!!!! Check it out:) Take good care, your Eleni.

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