Out In The 2nd Round

Hi to all of you! With a very disappointing loss..still not feeling the best with my virus and having so many chances it’s too tough..too tough to even write a few words. Of course I knew that it’s gonna be a tough one to win, by being Iike this physically and playing vs a good player like julia. Just to remember..u always get chances..that’s for sure one of the lessons today..and I got too many..it was very hard to play today with the conditions, at the warm up before the match was zero wind but until the match stared suddenly it came and on central court of course was turning all the time. We did both quite a lot of mistakes but it was normal. 1st set I was 3-1 up and had a game point and lost 4-6, 2nd set kind of similar situation..5-2 up and lost 5-7. I didn’t  play my service games so good in both sets where it was crucial moment and that was the difference today. And when she came back in both sets she was hitting some unreal winners! So..that’s all for the moment,I will have an easy afternoon at the hotel as I need to rest and give my very best tomorrow for our doubles with Eva! It will be a good match to play vs a good doubles team! I am looking forward! Ciaoooo for the moment!

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