Practice Is Rolling…

Hard work, long days passed..with a good spirit, great mood and a lot of energy!! a couple of more weeks are ahead and I will try to keep it up of course. I am doing the preparation again in Greece and I am very happy to stay healthy so far. We are pretty lucky with the weather too, we have amazing weather every day, is it really December or?? I am still working at my fitness and my serve and this is the main goals. Every day is more less the same plan but I am just happy to have my people around, makes it easier!!!!! On Sunday we decided to have a workout at the mountains, close to here and it was just amazing!!!!!! no words!!!!!! we drove with my fitness coach in the early morning, left the car and we started by 9.30am, we did 20km, it was so good for the legs and the lungs. we passed small rivers, amazing colors around and we ended up in a very cute, little, local restaurant. what a day…an amazing one!!! tomorrow back on track..let’s see the body gave me so much energy to go for one more week. keep u posted…

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  1. Mike

    Yassou Eleni

    Wow, 20 kilometres, that is fantastic. Maybe you can run to Australia in January! I am looking forward to watching you play again in Melbourne!


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