Through To The 2nd Round

First round is Done!! I played a very solid match today, from the start until the finish. It was very hard to play…Much hotter than the other days and very windy too. Not easy to play at all. U need to play a bit different with this conditions, a bit more far from the lines, to move even better on court etc and i did it today perfectly!! I am very pleased with the way i handled it. Somehow i knew how Kimiko will play against me, i was so ready for this. All the work that we did with the coach the last few days payed off!! I had my routine with cooling down after the match, did press, had a massage and went back to the hotel, easy dinner with my coach and a good sleep!! Today i am practicing once just for the feeling on court, short fitness and recharge my battery for a big day tomorrow!! I am playing against Goerges. We did play against each other in the end of last year in Seoul, it was a very close match there. She is a tough and a top player so i need to be ready from the start!! i don’t know yet the time but one thing i can promise, i will give everything!!! Thank you so much to all of u guys for the support yesterday during my match. So many greek fans, i really appreciate it!! Have a great day and i will get back to u soon!

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  1. tennisfanitaly

    sugxaritiria Lena! Kali epituxia gia aurio!
    Giati den paizete ena diplo mikto me ton Marko? Wraia tha itan na exoume ena ellinokupriako didumo!

  2. Kyle

    Go Eleni!!! Go all the way!

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