Update From Osaka

Hi to all of you! I am still in Osaka as it is going really good. I won first round in singles vs Pivovarova,the match was not the best tennis wise but it was very solid from the first game until the last!I was very happy about it because it’s really good to go out of this matches like that! Me and Mandy (Minella) won also our first round doubles match. It was not an easy one, we started with 3-0 up in the first set and we lost 2 very close games and in the end we lost the set, 2nd set was similar situation but the other way..thank god!! we were 0-2 down and we turned it around and we got the set.At the tie-break??we played really good all the points!! we played first time together but I really enjoyed!! it was a lot of fun!! i am looking forward for Thursday, I will be playing singles and doubles, big and long day but somehow I like it!! today I will take it easy…I had a short run already before breakfast! hit a bit later on and take care of the body with massage & treatment to be ready for tomorrow!! I love to watch some matches too so I will take my coffe and enjoy it!! Thumbs up and looking forward to update u as soon as possible!! bye for now…

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