Great Weekend With My Family!

Had a great weekend with my family in Thessaloniki! Didn’t see them for a while..already couple of months. Of course i did spent time with My doggy!!! Weather was great, had lunch next to the water, played a bit of tennis and a lot of food:) The trip back to Athens was a bit long, a lot of traffic as it is Monday.
I have couple of days to practice and get ready for my next tournament! It is in Maribor, Slovenia! I didn’t play tournaments for couple of weeks…so i have a lot of energy to compete! Singles and Doubles guys!
I am off to bed, wish u all a good rest and keep in touch! E.D.

Hey Guys!

Has been a very busy time with all the things i had to manage with for the street tennis event on last saturday.
It was the first one and it was the first experience for alllllll of us. They are more to come,that’s for sure!!!
On top i had to practice..I took the sunady off and I am back on track more fresh!
I am more and more into the media with some interviews-tv etc so it is also something new.
To get this feedback from all my fans it is wonderful! I love your support and the respect that u saw me every day!
We are all together in this…sharing the same values and prospects! Take care, E.D

Kids Day At Forty Love!

Dear fans,
I guess you all know how much I love tennis…but there is still some space left in my heart…So on December 7th I want to introduce you to one more love of me – KIDS!
I would like to invite you all for the kids tennis day at Forty Love. Don’t forget to bring your rackets! I am looking forward to play with you and I hope you will love it as much as I do! See you there!

Hi to all of you from Monterrey…

I am still in Mexico as you probably know..It is my last tournament before i hit home, i am so excited to return to Europe, it was a long trip again. So far has been a great week here in Monterrey, having a lot of fun with the people here and the BEST is that i have one of the nicest persons next to me…my friend and manager John Morris. He is helping me out this week as i am without a coach at the moment. I lost my singles vs Voskoboeva in three sets, we played each other in Miami that was just 2 weeks ago. Funny…sometimes you don’t play players since years and years and now at my last two tournaments i played vs the same one and both times i lost. It was not easy mentally but i am very happy with the way i fought!! One player had to lose and it was me. She played better at the last 2-3 games of the match. Following day?? It was a day with no doubles. I had a good practice with a sparring of the tournament, a massage as my body needed it and watched some matches!
My doubles partner Coco Vandeweghe was playing her singles match, i was there to support her! Such a good fight..vs Bartoli! We decided to go all together for dinner…and what else here in Mexico?? Of course to a Mexican Restaurant. I never had so much tortillas and guacamole in all my life:)))) Just too good here!!!! It was a lot of fun:))))
Today we had our doubles. We won in super tie break!! That was scary..:) We lost 4 decision points at the first set and in 3 of those i made an easy mistakes. It was so tough to sit at the changeover and see the score board 4-6. I have to give all the credit to my partner for helping me out with her attitude!!! So nice to have a positive partner:) We managed to play a great tie break in the end and felt a bit of a relief with this victory!! I lost a couple of close matches the last few weeks and it is not easy mentally…but i am here to fight until the end and i will keep giving my best! Tomorrow is a new day, with the doubles match on my schedule! Looking so forward to rock with Coco after her singles:) Long day ached…but with a good energy! Off to bed for now…stay in touch…and?? i am a new Facebook fan!!!!!!!! Check it out:) Take good care, your Eleni.

Update from Indian Wells

Helloooooo guys!! How is everyone doing?? I hope you had a nice weekend:) It is Saturday night for me…and I did everything for today, had an amazing day with 2 fitness sessions, gym and a run in the afternoon. The atmosphere outside was outstanding, amazing sunset and with the mountains around was just TOO good. I did it with my fitness coach Jorge, i was so pumped and happy to run that I was going too fast, didn’t even need music, didn’t talk either…we had a good stretching, took a shower, put my music on and took my time to update u quickly.

It was not the best tournament here for me. My singles match was a tough one to lose, didn’t get in doubles, a bit mentally tired, i pulled a bit the right abductor so I couldn’t imagine to see the tennis courts for few days now. So me and my team decided to focus a bit more at the fitness the last days…it’s never a bad idea as we don’t have so many chances during the year plus i need too:) Tomorrow for me…Sunday we are off to L.A, the City of Angels!!!!!

Back to see my friends there quickly and Monday we will fly to Miami. The tournament starts the 18th of March, we will have all the week in front to practice and try to improve at the areas that I need. it’s gonna be every day busy with our schedule…tennis, gym sessions and some work outs at the beach too!!! I love this days somehow :)))

Last night here in IW and what’s our plans?? Steak house for dinner, Outbackkkkkkk! Some proteins to get stronger and ready for L.A:))) and a drink with my friends!! I miss them all year long…
I will be traveling on monday, so…wishing all of u a great start of the week! with a positive attitude and just don’t forget…”no matter how hard things were…tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make it better”. All the best, your Eleni

Crazy February…

Doha, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur…tough month, tough draws, tough losses. Sometimes the results are not coming as u wish, I am playing some good tennis but not so stable and consistent to beat the players I have been playing and that’s the difference with the top 50 girls. In Kuala Lumpur I had a long long match vs Julia, being 3-1 down in the third set and win the match in this heat, it was a great feeling! But..the weather killed me physically. In less than 24h I had to play my 2nd round, I was not ready to compete 100%, I gave it a try as I am a fighter but once more my words came true…”if u are not 100% u can not win anymore”. The level is very high to do this. We are already in March…and California is ahead, Indian Wells!!

It is one of the most relaxing tournaments of the year. Somehow it’s nice over there, calm, easy going, perfect temperature during the day, nice and cool to sleep:) plus to play in the desert is always special!! The trip from Kuala Lumpur to LA?? lets not talk about it:)))) few hours there and there…flying around the world:)))) we got in a flight on Friday morning and we arrived on Friday too in the states. is that crazy?? thats why I said this about the flying and the time changes.
The most important is that we arrived safe me and Chris (my coach) and about the time change?? let’s see how good we can deal:) From LA to Indian Wells is still a few hours driving so we decided to sleep over one night here and see some of my friends too, has been a long time.

Tomorrow morning we gonna drive to IW and get ready for my first round that is on Monday! My fitness coach is here too for the next 4weeks, we will spend a few hours per day off the court, I am sure he will make me feel more fresh again:) I am looking forward for everything and to share my passion with both of them:) sometimes I put new pictures at the twitter if u want to follow. I know that some of u guys prefer facebook but maybe one day i will be there too:) that’s all for the moment. Wish you all a wonderful weekend, full of action and happiness:) I am thankful to have u all by my side!
greetings, your eleni

Big Hello to all of you guys!

we are almost in February…time flies so fast, the first grand slam of the year is almost done! with a few surprises of course as always at the big tournaments, great matches, amazing spirits and emotions. i am looking forward for the men’s final today! about myself and my matches?? it was not the best way to finish a grand slam by losing this way vs Vika. not only because of the score, just the way it happened…It touched me a bit this match, I got a bit disappointed, I had a few tough days after but on the other hand, we just start the season, it’s gonna be a long one with a lot of matches I hope and I am looking ahead to the rest of the year. i know I need to work in few things, I have to be stronger mentally too and that’s what I’m gonna do! I am since a few days in Pattaya. what a place to be for a tennis tournament. i wished to have every tournament like this and I am sure I am not the only player who thinks this:) U don’t need to take a transportation to the courts as it’s connecting with the hotel, not even a racket bag:) just the guns, towel, wrist bands, water and some electrolytes as its too humid. Sounds good and easy?? i think so:) Doubles this week with Timea Babos! Soon I will be posting a few new pictures here, be tuned and i hope you had a great weekend too! in case u wanna follow more updates daily…here is my private twitter account: @elenidaniilidou. thanks for your support each single day! your eleni.

First match first win :)

First of all..I wish you guys Happy New Year!! all the best to ALL of you!! it was so nice to get my first win of the new season or new year:) I am extremely happy with the way I was on court, even when she was killing me in the first set…I stayed calm, focused and fighting until the last point. by being 2 match points down…plus 5-3 down at the tie break, plus her big game, with very tough conditions (was very very windy), with some long rallies, with some frames, with some huge serves from her side, victory is a victory. the longer the match was…the better i was feeling. i am very thankful to the tournament for my wild card, i have amazing memories here! i will enjoy every minute…and now is time to enjoy my evening!! i don’t have a match tomorrow…just a light hit and get ready for my next round. enjoy the last day of the year guys, thanks a lot for your support in 2012 and I hope for a better 2013!!!!!!!!!!! greetings to all, your eleni.

New season coming up

Hello guys! how have u been?? hope all is well and everyone is healthy and happy!!

the tournaments for me are done for this season. has not been the best year but end up in a better way!! for sure I did learn a lot thru all the year, thru all the matches I have played, thru all the emotions I passed with myself and my team…there were a lot of matches I shouldn’t lose but I can say one thing…I was fighting until the end of the year to be at the Main Draw of the Australian Open 2013 and I made it!

it’s the best satisfaction to reach your personal goals! I am very happy about it! i wanna thank all the people around me for the amazing support towards me!!!!!! i had my time off too…and to be honest it passed very very fast. i enjoyed being at home, i recharged my battery completely and I am ready to start the preparation, I am looking forward to work with my new fitness coach plus with Chris too! will be fun and tough times but i can not wait to start…On top…I wanna thank all my fans..all over the world for your support and love!

Will update u soon…All the best! Eleni.