First Quarters in Singles…

First quarters in singles…I had such a good day today, somehow it started good with a great warm up with Jelena (Dokic). we all know she is very intense on court so i went there a bit earlier just to be ready 100%. i took my time for my warm up, she came with her team and of course straight we were laughing about a few things. i know them many years, I feel very comfy with them! we both had a good hit and of course after I got ready for my match. it was so hot at 12pm, it was very hard to put 4-5 balls in the row. we both did quite a few errors especially from the baseline, we missed some balls like 2-3 meters out but?? today I was serving so so good!! from the first game until the last one! even few times I was under pressure I was serving out my games very easy.very happy about it!!i knew she is not in her best form but still..she is a good player and with experience..I had to focus on my game and I did it very well!! after the match I did my routine as always and had a good afternoon too!! very relaxing and very the shopping too:-) had an easy dinner by my self, at the moment here I am alone with out my coach as he has some personal problems but I will meet him in IW!!! tomorrow I am playing vs Rogowska, I don’t know her so well. so I can’t say much about her, I will try to do the same as today. focus on me, give everything on court and step in to win!! in every match it is only one person with the W so I hope it’s gonna be Me!! take care guys, Eleni

Ohhhhhh God!!!! What A Match…

it was once more a long and a tough one!! I made it in the end and that’s what I want at the moment. somehow to find a way to be the winner!! and I did it!! we don’t have to talk about the conditions here…it is too hard but it’s for everyone..u need a lot of mental strength if u wanna go far in this tournament. it was raining as every afternoon and it happened when i was 2-0 up with serving, 1st set. we stopped less than 10 min but enough to be cold, by the rules you can’t have a warm up on court, so it was a bit strange to start straight. I managed to win the set 6-2, Sania was missing a bit and she didn’t like my mixed game. 2nd set I started with a bad game, Sania was hitting the ball so clean suddenly and so many winners from each position she was. I lost 8-1 games and all this…very fast. accept that I lost them fast, I took so many pictures too:-( she was hitting full speed!! 3rd set I was 0-2 down and she was serving. it was a close game, went my way and I was totally back in the game. 5-3 up in the 3rd set, she was serving 15-40 so I had 2 match points. i lost them both, it was a very very long game with a few game points for her and back to deuce. in the end of this game she made 2 aces in a row. 5-4 up and serving for the match. and?? I was serving so solid, i went up 40-15. so?? 2 more match points. again very long points both of them, played both very good!! in the end I made the 5th one and too happy to go through!! of course a bit tired after but I had my cool down with bike and stretching, short massage too!! tomorrow is a new day but I am not on the schedule, so good somehow to get my energy back!! i will have practice in the morning and chill out in the afternoon with some movies probably and reading!! take care and I will be back to you soon, Eleni

Malaysia for the first time of my life…

Practice, kids clinic, work out at the gym and in the end a relaxing evening with players party tonight!! I have been here for a few days now and it’s not bad at all the place. the only thing what makes you tired is the weather. it’s very humid every single day, even more than in Pattaya. of course every time I am done with the practice i am straight at the shower, u are not even able to stretch, just too wet. I like very much the speed of the courts, just the balls are flying a bit. so of course I will string the guns a bit tighter. I am not playing doubles this week, because of the conditions, the energy, the late schedules and of course because of Indian Wells (I am playing qualis over there and the trip is very long). First round in singles vs Sania Mirza. she is one of my friends and it is a bit tough the situation but I think both we can handle it as we are very professional, we never had problems on court and I am sure this time will be the same. she is a great player too, with a lot of experience on tour. it will be tuesday and the time is not out yet. one more day today with a practice session and a short massage!! have a great week, wish you all the best, Eleni

Update From Dubai

Hello guys!! Has been long time to write some news. I am in Dubai since few days, I won my first round of qualis vs Vesnina and I lost in 2nd round vs Benesova yesterday. the score looks like an easy match but it was a bit more close. of course it’s a loss and it’s always tough to lose, doesn’t matter if it’s singles or doubles but I gave my best. she came up with some good tennis and if she keeps this level she will stay long here. she has such a good feeling for the court and she is very dangerous player!! let’s see her week. about doubles..I was supposed to play with Barrois here but we couldn’t get in, the draw size is only 16 teams so the cut off closed very very high, I think it was 85 in the end. anyways, next stop is Kuala Lumpur. i am main draw over there, I will not play doubles because I am in qualis in Indian Wells. I never played the tournament, something new to come…I will be early there to get used to the conditions, it’s even more hot and more humid than in Pattaya, that’s what they say…it’s hard to believe this…but let’s see…I wish u all a great week!! ciaoooo,your Eleni

First Round Loss In Pattaya

Hi,I am writing few thoughts about my match…I lost the first with a very close score, 5-7. I started with a break, I got break back and the most of the games were very close. I was 5-4 up with a break up and I couldn’t close the set. so , in 5-5, she played 2games unbelievable!! Hardly I could win some points…then I lost all my focus, all my concentration, my energy and my winning spirit. At the same time she kept playing some great tennis, with so much confidence and not many errors too. I am very down of course to lose early in this beautiful tournament!! Next is doubles, I will try to give my best and have fun on court with Tami!! talk to you soon, Eleni

Hello From Pattaya

Hello guys from the hot, humind and beautiful Pattaya!! doesn’t feel so much of a tournament here, it’s very relaxing the place, the people are so friendly and kind, they always trying the best for us!! it feels good!! on court it’s very hard the conditions, you are sweating after 4-5minutes of hitting. the draw came out and I am playing vs a qualified on Tuesday. i am looking forward to be on court and play matches, I had a great couple of days out of matches an tournaments and I feel fresh to start again!! I can’t wait to play also the doubles here with the local player, one of the veterans on tour plus one of the best ones,with Tamiiiiiiii!! it’s always fun with her what ever u are doing together!! the matches are every day after 3pm local time, there will be few late schedules here. yesterday it was the players party of the tournament, at the pool side of the resort, next to the beach. of course I went for short time, it’s always great to support the tournament and the sponsors!! with out them.. wouldn’t be here either..its Monday today, I wish you all a great week and a lot of smiles!! greetings for the moment, Eleni

Home Sweet Home :)

Dear guys! of course back at home from australia. I had great time as the most of the times over there, I love the places, the people and the weather too! Time went too fast, I couldn’t believe it when I was sitting in the plane that this trip was over already. I am not too happy with the results especially in doubles but I am pleased that I am again 100% with my health!! I am ready to go again full speed!! I am home for a few days and my next stop will be in Thailand. I have been playing this tournament in Bangkok a couple of years ago, it’s very easy going. it’s in a resort, the courts next to the rooms, very hot and humid and of course hard court. can’t wait to arrived there and play. I will be playing doubles with Tami. Until then…home sweet home!! Take care and have a great upcoming week!! Eleni

No Happy End In Round 2…

Not much to say…just a few words are coming…thanks for coming out today to support me!! It is just bad luck that i woke up this morning with a bad neck pain. I saw the physios before the match for quite a long time but it was not enough to be ready. They tried everything!! It was the joint, the same like in Sydney. Very very down at the moment to finish the first grand slam in this way. Tmw i know is a new day and i hope i will feel a bit better and give it a try for my doubles with Alex (Panova). Have a good night!

Through To The 2nd Round

First round is Done!! I played a very solid match today, from the start until the finish. It was very hard to play…Much hotter than the other days and very windy too. Not easy to play at all. U need to play a bit different with this conditions, a bit more far from the lines, to move even better on court etc and i did it today perfectly!! I am very pleased with the way i handled it. Somehow i knew how Kimiko will play against me, i was so ready for this. All the work that we did with the coach the last few days payed off!! I had my routine with cooling down after the match, did press, had a massage and went back to the hotel, easy dinner with my coach and a good sleep!! Today i am practicing once just for the feeling on court, short fitness and recharge my battery for a big day tomorrow!! I am playing against Goerges. We did play against each other in the end of last year in Seoul, it was a very close match there. She is a tough and a top player so i need to be ready from the start!! i don’t know yet the time but one thing i can promise, i will give everything!!! Thank you so much to all of u guys for the support yesterday during my match. So many greek fans, i really appreciate it!! Have a great day and i will get back to u soon!

Getting Ready!

The first Grand Slam starts in a couple of hours..and one of the best ones too!! So happy to be one more year a part of it and this time in the main draw. i had a few days here in Melbourne, every day pasted amazing fast..actually too fast!! Can’t believe that soon i will be playing my first round. I got to play Kimiko (Date). She is one of the oldest and fittest player of the tour, a lot of experience too!! We never played against each other, we did practice a few times in Asia last year. She is tough to play, she is playing very flat and very close to the lines. Somehow it is great to play vagainst her as she is also one of the nicest players on tour!!! Probably the match will be on tv, press your thumbs for me. I will have early dinner of course and fast to bed! have a great evening or day, depends of your time changes, Take care all of you! Eleni!