A Loss And A Doping Test

Hi, i lost today vs Daniela 6-4 6-2. I mean she is a good player with a lot of experience and she saw it on court today, no doubt about this. I knew it’s gonna be a tough one for me as we played in the past but still I had my chances…didn’t use them, a bit unlucky in the end of the first set but that’s it…sometimes goes your way and sometimes not. In the second set she was playing much better tennis and I lost my focus after a long 2nd game, I couldn’t keep it up…she deserves to win, that’s for sure!! straight after the match I had to do a doping test. so as always it took a couple of hours until I was done. I kept drinking but?? I did it after more than 2 hours. Tomorrow I will have the doubles, it’s gonna be another long day as we will be playing 4th match after 12.30. hope u all enjoyed your weekend!

Victory :)

I made it…with a victory…2-6 6-3 6-4. I don’t remember when I was the last time so nervous before the match…it was unreal…too nervous…so of course at the first set I was not moving good, I was not serving good either. 2nd set I was a bit more aggressive and moving better, serving better too! 3rd set was just a huge fight, with long rallies, up and down the level from both sides, she had chances too but I got the most important one…the match point!!!!!!!! I had a cool down, lunch on site as always and massage. It was another long match but very happy to go through even by playing not my best. I am back to u soon!

A Great Start In The Tournament!

1st round done!! It’s always the toughest one as there is everything new..but at least I knew her!! We played vs each other few months ago, sometimes it’s positive to know your opponent, you know what to expect. Coco is a tough player to play, she is hitting big and she is serving quite good too but she is not moving the best. So, of course I had to move good as the rallies are not big with this kind of players. At the first set she was serving really good!! I lost a few games without winning one point, was tough for the mind and I had way more pressure on my service games, lost it 6-3. Second set I was playing a bit more aggressive and serving better, more first serves too, won it 6-3. Third set didn’t start with the best way..as I got the break early. To be down 2-0 was tough for the nerves. I won 6 games in a row with some good rallies!! Sooooo happy to have a finish like this and win the match 6-2 in the third. After I had a bit of streching, shower and some lunch on site. And the best..a bit of massage!!! Can’t wait to play tomorrow the last round of qualis vs a player that is on a good run at the moment. Let’s see!!!!!

WTA Beijing (China)

Hi everyone, from Beijing this time..hahahahahaha crazy life but too good somehow! Can’t complain as far as I am healthy! We lost our doubles with Eva on Friday in a very close match. this tie break is a lottery but we could win the first set already. we had so many chances but as I am very realistic I didn’t play good. Of course was sad to lose it from our hands but we tried our best. it was not meant to be…maybe for a reason…I was sick this week and very empty as I couldn’t eat regular, I got the time to rest a bit until I had my flight here! Saturday and Sunday had days off and a lot of fun too! Across the hotel was the famous “Lotte Park”, one of the big attractions in Seoul. as we were all out of the tournament we arranged to do it finally…with the Spanish girls! We had soooooo much fun!!!!! Roller coasters are not my favorites…but with all this energy that the girls had, impossible not to do it. I was sooooo chicken u can’t even imagine. I was sweating..was just closing my eyes..and I was taking big breath just to calm down.helped a bit!!!! And the worst?? They decide to start with the toughest one..to jumb from 50meters, at least was a very nice view from up there!!we spent 2-3 hours at the park,we even went 2 times of course to which one?? the scary roller coaster that was going full speed!!!!!! Sunday thank god was a bit more calm. I went to a spa to relax a bit and watched a movie, ending up with a calm dinner at the mall next to the hotel. From today, back at the courts and the gym as I have to get ready again for my first match that will be on Friday! Hope u all had a greet weekend and I wish a great upcoming week too!

Out In The 2nd Round

Hi to all of you! With a very disappointing loss..still not feeling the best with my virus and having so many chances it’s too tough..too tough to even write a few words. Of course I knew that it’s gonna be a tough one to win, by being Iike this physically and playing vs a good player like julia. Just to remember..u always get chances..that’s for sure one of the lessons today..and I got too many..it was very hard to play today with the conditions, at the warm up before the match was zero wind but until the match stared suddenly it came and on central court of course was turning all the time. We did both quite a lot of mistakes but it was normal. 1st set I was 3-1 up and had a game point and lost 4-6, 2nd set kind of similar situation..5-2 up and lost 5-7. I didn’t  play my service games so good in both sets where it was crucial moment and that was the difference today. And when she came back in both sets she was hitting some unreal winners! So..that’s all for the moment,I will have an easy afternoon at the hotel as I need to rest and give my very best tomorrow for our doubles with Eva! It will be a good match to play vs a good doubles team! I am looking forward! Ciaoooo for the moment!

WTA Seoul (Korea)

Updates from Seoul!! I have won this tournament a couple of years before, great memories here so of course I am happy to be back and give my best!! I arrived here from Taskhent quite late because of our doubles there and on the top?? there were no flights to here so the fastest way was to fly on Sunday and arrive here Monday morning. Flight was ok, i couldn’t sleep much, had breakfast and went to bed for a couple of hours, I was feeling very strange with the stomach, not so much energy so straight I saw the doctor and got some medicine. I had a light hit for an hour with a hitting partner and?? was my birthday!!!!!!!! getting older..but somehow feels good and right!!!!!!! I had a very nice dinner with a couple of friends here, of course not alcohol accept a mix of some juices but a small dessert!!!! Yesterday I was playing my first round singles vs a local one. Still before the match I was not feeling good, I knew it’s gonna be tough doesn’t matter who was across..I did lose the first set 6-4, I called the doctor  because I was feeling worst and worst. Honest..I was thinking to retire…I was suffering. I went quite fast up at the score so it pushed me to keep trying. I won the 2nd set 6-3, 4-1 up in the third and I had a point for 5-1 but I missed it. All the match changed from this moment. 4-4 very fast and the nerves were totally there, I got so tight that I was pushing the ball completely. I was serving at 5-4 up and I got broken by playing a very bad game. 6-5 up and serving again..for the match! This time  was the end of it! 7-5 with me…but with a few tears as I was too empty. A win is a win and today another victory with the doubles 6-3 3-6 10-6. I hope I feel better tomorrow as a tough singles match is waiting..have a great day!

3rd WTA Doubles Title :)

3rd title in doubles..gives me a push,gives me energy and of course happiness!!to win a tournament it’s never easy,especially the day after my lost in singles,was tough to put everything together again for the doubles.in finals??everything and anything it’s possible..but the experienced was the key today!!the girls were playing good tennis and they had a great week here but the nerves are different at the finals especially when it’s your first one..we won 6-4 6-2,a solid match!!it was our first time with Vit and I really enjoyed!!it was her first title in her carrier and of course it’s very special for her. Tough by playing 4th finals and couldn’t make it but today was the day!!!!i am extremely happy for her and i wish her many more!!!i am flying out tomorrow to Seoul,I am playing singles and doubles there,any other tough week it’s coming up!!I have great memories there by winning the singles title so I am just looking forward to step out,can’t wait to arrive..have a great week weekend,enjoy ittttt!!!!!

A Really Good Day!!

Quarters…another big day today with 2 victories!! singles and doubles!! feels right..feels too good. I didn’t play my best today but?? I was fighting really good and this gives me even a better feeling to enjoy my evening. she was very tough on court (Doi), very good competitor so she really pushed me. First set I had a lot of chances to close it by 2 times serving for the set. but she was returning really good and this didn’t help, plus I had 2 times a net roll against me. in the tie break I went quite fast 6-2 up and then?? every point was long and tough, 6-5 and I could make it to 7-5 with an error from her. 2nd set?? oh my god..she did not miss anything, until 1-3. So to be down 1-3 and with a stable player like her it’s not easy. Thank god I could read her serve so it was not so tough to break her. i broke her at 2-3 and after it was my turn to be in the zone, with only 2 mistakes until 5-3 up. I was playing some great tennis! and I won the second set 6-4. as we had to play the doubles I didn’t have much time again in between. in 1h I had to be back on court, i had fast shower and streching and back at the physios to fix my blisters. small bite of food and walked on court again. My partner played really good today so I just had to be solid and I did it perfect. the other girls were not bad at all, they were from here so of course they didn’t have anything to lose and they were hitting the ball like crazy. some funny points, couldn’t even see the ball sometimes. we came out of the court by 6pm, had some food finally and a bit of massage just to be ready for tmw! one match in my schedule tmw, 2nd after 11am on center. Vs a big fighter! we played each other this year on clay, I have nothing to lose. I need to play my game and stay aggressive and focused! I hope i am back to all of u with a big smile tmw!

WTA Taskent (Uzbekistan)

Tashkent..what conditions here?! I will say not for tennis hahahahahah, very very hot, the courts are pretty hard for the body but somehow very easy going…and I say this not for the weather but for the tournament. it’s very calm, the people very friendly and at the moment all ok with the food too!! I played today singles and doubles, I won both so I can’t be more happy…by playing this tennis?? pauline is a greet player so I knew that the match will be a tough one, also at the moment she is in good form. The first set the tennis from both of us was just amazing! we were both playing aggressive and serving good. every game was very close…sometimes she was serving unreal, like 2 aces. but the moment came when I was 6-5 up. I got the feeling where she gonna serve and I returned too good on that game so i could break her!! 2nd set I started serving and it went quite fast 3-0 up as I was not missing at all. I was so much in the groove!! too happy to close in the end and win the match 7-5 6-1. I had to do press and it was quite long so I had only 45′ minutes to get ready for our doubles with Vitalia. our doubles was solid and we won 6-4 6-4. one tough day is over with a present to myself: 1h massage! tmw another tough day with singles and doubles again! back to u soon guys, have a great evening!