Getting Ready For Melbourne…

Guys another loss today in doubles..we got in with Tami, we played for the first time together!!! we had to play vs Grandin and Ulihrova, a good doubles team. in the first we had too many chances, to many opportunity’s to close it up but we didn’t make even one, it was too sad to seat at the change over and just look at the score board 6-7, that’s really a tough sport sometimes…in the 2nd set we tried to hang in, we came back from 0-2 down to 2-3, once more there we lost a close game and after the score went away with a lost set 2-6. It was not a good level of doubles, it’s always somehow strange after a long time of not playing doubles. i will fly out from here tomorrow to melbourne. I need 1-2 days off to be again fresh in my head and just get ready for the Open!! take care, Eleni

Hoping For Lucky Loser

I lost after a huge fight on court yesterday. Not much to say about it…of course I need to improve things, I had my chances, i gave all what I had…considering my small injury that I had vs Stef in the 2nd round on my neck, today I could not win it and that’s how it is sometimes. I need to take care of it, get some treatments and cross the fingers for Melbourne and hope to be 100% ready. I am the first Lucky loser in singles and doubles, I hope to get in somehow!! the only chances are today!! let’s hope..greetings from the beautiful Sydney!!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope u had a great celebration!! after my singles in Brisbane I had a few days practicing and today it paid off…I played a good match vs Pauline. She is a tough player to play, she is very dangerous too. So I knew that I have to be there from the first until the last point. In the first set the level was really good, I was playing so aggressive and moving really good. i had two times break points on her serve and didn’t make them but I broke her in 5-4 and won the first set 6-4. in the 2nd set I was very fast 3-0 up, 4-1 on serve and 30-0. In that game I played two times very wrong the points and suddenly the match turned a bit. the level of my tennis dropped a bit, it got very close, so I am too happy to finish it in 2sets. it was not easy to play today, the wind was coming and going all the time, u need to be focused all the time, even more than usual. first victory for 2012, I am looking forward for the next match vs Stefanie. Another French girl, we know each other long time ago. I need to play my game and go for it!!! looking forward…it will be tomorrow. enjoy the day!! your Eleni

Last One For The Year

Hello for the last time of this year!! I lost my singles today after a tough match vs Nina. The results sometimes bringing u down but from every lost match u need to move on. she deserves to win today!! and I just need to be satisfied with my year,even if it’s hard tonight.2011 it’s over with a lot of memories on and off court!! My life changed in a lot of ways, I reached my goal for ’11 and a new, long year is coming again!! I hope I can make again all my goals come true, somehow!! I wish u an amazing upcoming year, with a lot of happiness and success!! All the best for 2012. Happy new year!! your Eleni

First Win In The New Season

Hi guys! Hi 5 from Brisbane! with a Victory! i won my first round of qualis vs Pivovarova. of course was not a good match, a lot of ups and downs but it’s very normal after the break that we had. I won it and this is too important at the moment, need matches, need time on court and to have another chance tomorrow…is the best!!! I hope u had a great Christmas and I wish u all the best!! Eleni

Practice Is Rolling…

Hard work, long days passed..with a good spirit, great mood and a lot of energy!! a couple of more weeks are ahead and I will try to keep it up of course. I am doing the preparation again in Greece and I am very happy to stay healthy so far. We are pretty lucky with the weather too, we have amazing weather every day, is it really December or?? I am still working at my fitness and my serve and this is the main goals. Every day is more less the same plan but I am just happy to have my people around, makes it easier!!!!! On Sunday we decided to have a workout at the mountains, close to here and it was just amazing!!!!!! no words!!!!!! we drove with my fitness coach in the early morning, left the car and we started by 9.30am, we did 20km, it was so good for the legs and the lungs. we passed small rivers, amazing colors around and we ended up in a very cute, little, local restaurant. what a day…an amazing one!!! tomorrow back on track..let’s see the body gave me so much energy to go for one more week. keep u posted…

End Of Season


Finished the year…with reaching the goals…it’s a great feeling!!! I had a tough year as the most of the players, long one, with a lot of traveling, a lot of matches, a lot of new experiences and of course with a few lessons…the first goal was to finish the year healthy and the other one to finish in the top 100 ranking. of course I know that I lost a couple of matches I shouldn’t lose but for everything must be a reason…I am extremely happy that I reached my goals and I am just looking forward to have my holidays!! i was very tired in luxembourg that’s why i took the decision not to risk anything by playing the itf event in Poitier. My body was at the limits and forced me to make the withdrawal .holidaysssssss…They didn’t start the best way. I had difficulties to arrive in greece, we lost the doubles with Anna-Lena on Tuesday evening, I wanted of course to fly next day but all the airports in greece were closed. They were striking, I had to wait one more day in Lux! the next flight was scheduled for Thursday morning and again problems, just this time with the plane. they had a technical problem,then of course I lost my connection flight and I was stuck for 7h in Zurich. i was the most of the hours at the lounge, a lot of internet hours and relaxing at the phone and with my ipad!! But the most important is that I arrived at home!! tired…bed time!! Friday is waiting and of course the weekend, maybe with a concert in my schedule, let’s see…all the best to all of you, I really appreciate your support thru all the year and I will be back to you soon!! Many warm greetings, your Eleni.

Lost In Last Round Of Qualies

Dear friends, I lost today in the last round of qualis here in Luxembourg vs Knapp, 6-1 7-5. She is a dangerous player, I knew this as I know her from the past. The first set went quite fast, with not many chances. 2nd set I had it in my hands but I lost all the opportunities but that’s tennis and I just need to learn from it and do it better the next time. Of course I was very down and empty after my match. It was a very hard and difficult situation for me to be playing here after Osaka. I arrived on friday afternoon from Osaka via Frankfurt. The trip was long like hell and to be playing on Saturday here, it was just crazy. Not only from the trip but the worst for me was the time change from Asia to Europe. I knew that I will suffer but I just wanted to give it a try and I did my best!!! Schedule for tmw?? Back on court for our first round of doubles with Anna-Lena. We are playing first time together, she is a great player and thank God she is on fire at the moment, she played the final doubles in Linz, I need her help, that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!!!I am looking forward to enjoy the match and give my best. Best regards and a good sleep! Your Eleni

Update From Osaka

Hi to all of you! I am still in Osaka as it is going really good. I won first round in singles vs Pivovarova,the match was not the best tennis wise but it was very solid from the first game until the last!I was very happy about it because it’s really good to go out of this matches like that! Me and Mandy (Minella) won also our first round doubles match. It was not an easy one, we started with 3-0 up in the first set and we lost 2 very close games and in the end we lost the set, 2nd set was similar situation but the other way..thank god!! we were 0-2 down and we turned it around and we got the set.At the tie-break??we played really good all the points!! we played first time together but I really enjoyed!! it was a lot of fun!! i am looking forward for Thursday, I will be playing singles and doubles, big and long day but somehow I like it!! today I will take it easy…I had a short run already before breakfast! hit a bit later on and take care of the body with massage & treatment to be ready for tomorrow!! I love to watch some matches too so I will take my coffe and enjoy it!! Thumbs up and looking forward to update u as soon as possible!! bye for now…

WTA Osaka (Japan)

Last week in Asia..I am updating you from Osaka!! Has been a long week in Beijing as I didn’t play the week before in Tokyo. Honest..china it is not my favorite country..first of all because of the communication. Most of them don’t speak english, it’s very hard to even ask for basic things. It makes u very tired but it’s done and I am very happy to move on!!! first time in my life to be in Osaka, it’s very nice somehow to play new tournaments. I will be focusing only in singles this week. The draw is coming out on Saturday by noon, my first match will be on Monday or Tuesday depends of the schedule and the draw. Until then..few more times on court just to get the feeling! Enjoy the weekend guys!